Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Im Jesse's Girl (Cop this Look)

Hey my lovelies, so I been so busy with life lately, my daughter is playing soccer, doing hip hop dancing, Im the team mom of her soccer team and the classroom mom for her kindergarten class, as of late I been planning a very BIG baby shower for my sister in law and brother. So needless to say I been so busy that I basically been giving my face a break *phew* no make up my dears *AGH*, but yesterday I just was bit by a makeup bug, I wanted to go all out,(mind you I was just going to Party City, Target, and other little stores like that lol) its not like I wanted to impress anyone, even my own damn mama was like "You know your not going to a club right?" lmao!!! ANYWAYS, I wanted to do something that "POPS" and I had recently gotten a message from a a myspacer asking me what I use on my eyes because the colors are AMAYYYZING. Being that she was in high school and probably on a budget I replied with a long message about Urban Decays Eye primer potion and had told her about this really cheap, excellent quality, HIGHLY PIGMENTED, makeup line that they sell at most drug stores FOR CHEAP!!!($4.99 a jar are you kidding me :) *drum roll please* JESSES"S GIRL...OMG I love this brand, it definitly compares if not is better then some name brand pigments. So the reason why I am even saying this story is because she inspired me to use some of my "JESSES GIRL" PIGMENTS...I have totally neglected them girls :) So here my fellow feens are the results of my Re encounter with Jesses Girl cosmetics!....

Smashbox Primer (color correcting)
MAC Studio Fix NC35
MAC Fix Rose+
MAC Salsaroose Blush

Jesses Girl in Teal (applied wet on lid)
JEsses Girl in Blue
Loreal HIP Blue Color Duo (the darker color on right)

MAC lip erase in DIM
No Brand name Lipgloss in a light Pink color

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