Tuesday, October 27, 2009

The Cat's Meowww

If you guys know me at all then you know that I AM A HELLO KITTY PHEEN!!! I mean I cannot get enough of that cute little kitty! Everyone knows that I am borderline obsessed/might need intervention when it comes to her. I mean the world can be falling down all around but as long as I have some HK by my side I'm good (and my daughter of course but we talking materialistic stuff)*sigh* SO you could only imagine how much I freaked when I was just browsing online and found this amazing *MUST HAVE* mirror!!(its only $450.00 *a steal right?) lol* I mean I seriously stopped breathing for like 3 minutes! I swear Patricia Field has the most swaggiest stuff ever! I absolutely love her! And do I even have to mention how super duper fly the models make up looks!! *ugh* I am definitly going to copy that look! AMAYZINGGG.. Anyway I know you make up lovers would think this mirror is so dope! I mean it just yells "GUCCI!!!" *hehe* I might just buy an early Xmas gift :) for my damn self....CHOWWWWW

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