Saturday, October 31, 2009

Where you from Holmes!

Ay mija where you from esa!...where's your vato loco!!.. Damn ay, your makeup is firme :) ..(Ok so thats all the mexican gangsta vocabulary I know lol)....So I was invited to a Halloween party last minute, and I usually dont do the "dress up for Halloween" thing, but I sometimes do my makeup for fun....Anyway My friend was telling me to dress up, come on it will be fun...I literally didnt have A THING! and I wasnt going to dress up...but then it came to me....I could be a chola (a old school mexican chola/gangster) Let me just say that I absolutely loved it!! Even my mama was like "Please dont go out like that, what if they beat you up or try to jump you!" lmao..I did my job if I looked that hardcore!! I know yall have seen these gangsta females with their dark brown lip liner, ruby red lips...thin sharpie painted eye brows..and let us not forget the 3 little dots for my VIDA LOCA...Anyway I really liked how it came out :)..What were you guys for HAlloween? (bottom pic is a cell phone pic hence the lighting :) )


Thursday, October 29, 2009

If your a smoker.....

Im not..smoking is yuck! when it comes to girls, it really grosses me out..but then I look at this!! and It can make a girl turn I tell you! You can have this cute lil Kitty for only $280! another steal lol..I dont know I might get this and use it to turn on candles or something...or maybe take it to a club and pray that a bunch of people ask me for a light so I can show it off..HEHEHEHE

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

The Cat's Meowww

If you guys know me at all then you know that I AM A HELLO KITTY PHEEN!!! I mean I cannot get enough of that cute little kitty! Everyone knows that I am borderline obsessed/might need intervention when it comes to her. I mean the world can be falling down all around but as long as I have some HK by my side I'm good (and my daughter of course but we talking materialistic stuff)*sigh* SO you could only imagine how much I freaked when I was just browsing online and found this amazing *MUST HAVE* mirror!!(its only $450.00 *a steal right?) lol* I mean I seriously stopped breathing for like 3 minutes! I swear Patricia Field has the most swaggiest stuff ever! I absolutely love her! And do I even have to mention how super duper fly the models make up looks!! *ugh* I am definitly going to copy that look! AMAYZINGGG.. Anyway I know you make up lovers would think this mirror is so dope! I mean it just yells "GUCCI!!!" *hehe* I might just buy an early Xmas gift :) for my damn self....CHOWWWWW

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Golden BETCH (Cop this Look)

So its been a while ONCE AGAIN. my computer is so annoying, I swear it has a magnet for viruses and problems UGH! Anywho I was totally inspired by my flannel (YES I am flannel obssesed and NO I dont care that its old news lol) I dont follow trends (I tend to set them *wink*) So usually I dont wear lashes (I usually leave that for my clients) when I go to the club because I have oily eye lids and oily lids combined with sweaty hot ass people in a muggy ass club DO NOT MIX..BUT I live on the edge so I took a chance (made sure I put that extra glue on the corners) and to my surprised they stayed put! *VICTORY* I love how lashes can transform a look, dont get me wrong I am all for FAKIES, but I tend to steer away from them when I go out clubbing becaus of how humid it can get :) Anyway I was digging the ISH out of this look, even my mom was like OMG Tita let me take a picture lol...

MAC Fix Rose+
Perfekt Primer in Luminous
MUF HD Foundation 127
MUF HD Powder
MAC Translucent Setting Powder
Revlon Colorstay Eyebrow Brunnette
Model in a Bottle Setting Spray

UD Primer
NYX Jumbo Pencil in Yellow
MAC Golden Lemon Pigment
MAC Carbon e/s
UD 24/7 Liner in Zero
UD Glitter Liner in Spandex
Sassy Eyelashes in #47

MAC Lip Erase in DIM
MAC Hello Kitty Lip Stain
MAC Dazzleglass in Goldyrocks

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Kim Kardashian as BARBIE

Do I even have to explain this!!! She is absolutely drop dead GORGEOUS!!!!

Monday, October 12, 2009

Straight Outta COMPTON (Cop this Look)

Catchy title huh?.. I was actually inspired by my purple and pink Eazy E tshirt, I LOVE IT. and if you don know who Eazy E is then you aint no nutin about the rap game :) Anyway onto this look... I been feeling overly into my "forgotten pigments" I never realize just how many awesome colors i do have since I am always buying new products *sigh*. So I am making a conscious effort to use a variety of makeup rather then just keep on buying *$$savvy* If you read my blog then you obviously know Im a suckka for Purples!! I mean I can live off one purple eyeshadow *I swear* So I came up with this lil fresh look, very summery yet gansta boo like *THIS IS A JOKE LOL* (If you watch REal Housewives of Atlanta then you know what Im talking bout when Nene tells Lisa she got a lil gangsta boo in her, I LOVE THAT SHOW!) So here it is dolls, my look of the day:)

Perfekt Primer in Luminous
MAC Fix Rose Plus
MUF HD Foundation in 127
MAC Fleur Power Blush
MAC Concealer NC35

UD Primer Potion
True Colors (throwback e/s) in purple
MAC Vellum e/s
MAC Pink Opal Pigment

MAC Lip erase in DIM
Jesses's Girl in Papaya

Friday, October 9, 2009


So I am so happy to have my laptop back *pumping fist in air* and now I get to share with you a MAC Haul I have from there new collection "DSquared2". This line is preety nice, not AMAZING though. I was more excited about the "Volcanic Ash Exfoliator" more then anything, I heard so many MUA's talk about it and how amazing it is! The mask was sold out, but I did get my hands on that exfoliator!! *happy dance* I also got 2 grease paint sticks from the collection "B" and "V" (and yes those are their names). Along with that I also got me some Mixing Medium (PRO), this unbelivable lipstick "Full Stop Red" and some "Setting Powder in Translucent". I was running low on some items :) and Im thinkin about buying another "Full Stop Red" lipstick (that is how much I love it!!)..AnywaY my lovlies here are the product pictures along with some swatche :)ENJOY
The Grease paint Sticks in B and V: They are so creamy and smooth (exactly like grease) It goes on easy and creates a clean line with a light hint of shimmer but can also be smeared easily for a funky "dirty rock girl" look. I really love how bright and vibrant the Blue is!! Trust me it looks better in person!! This picture does it no justice!

And here is my LOVER, Miss Red Full Stop Lipstick: Just so you know this is not red at all!! its like a pearl pink lustre, The pink is kind of a mix of coral, peach and pink, I LOVE IT!, I have never seend any lipstick this color. Im telling you that I am getting another one of these suckas!!

DRUM ROLL PLEASE>>>>>> now onto the Volcanic Ash Exfoliator, let me tell you that this was everything I imagined it to be and MORE! It has tiny little microbeads that you can definitly feel working down in them pores! It has a fresh (different smell) but I love it...I mean if I would have to guess what LAVA or Volcano smelled like that would be it! After you rinse it off it leaves you skin feeling silky baby's ass smooth!!! I mean I kept touching my face *LAME* I love love love this! I wish I could use it every day,but a last this is an exfoliator and should only be used 2 to 3 times a week *BOOOOOO*. I give this a 10 out of 10!!

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Im Jesse's Girl (Cop this Look)

Hey my lovelies, so I been so busy with life lately, my daughter is playing soccer, doing hip hop dancing, Im the team mom of her soccer team and the classroom mom for her kindergarten class, as of late I been planning a very BIG baby shower for my sister in law and brother. So needless to say I been so busy that I basically been giving my face a break *phew* no make up my dears *AGH*, but yesterday I just was bit by a makeup bug, I wanted to go all out,(mind you I was just going to Party City, Target, and other little stores like that lol) its not like I wanted to impress anyone, even my own damn mama was like "You know your not going to a club right?" lmao!!! ANYWAYS, I wanted to do something that "POPS" and I had recently gotten a message from a a myspacer asking me what I use on my eyes because the colors are AMAYYYZING. Being that she was in high school and probably on a budget I replied with a long message about Urban Decays Eye primer potion and had told her about this really cheap, excellent quality, HIGHLY PIGMENTED, makeup line that they sell at most drug stores FOR CHEAP!!!($4.99 a jar are you kidding me :) *drum roll please* JESSES"S GIRL...OMG I love this brand, it definitly compares if not is better then some name brand pigments. So the reason why I am even saying this story is because she inspired me to use some of my "JESSES GIRL" PIGMENTS...I have totally neglected them girls :) So here my fellow feens are the results of my Re encounter with Jesses Girl cosmetics!....

Smashbox Primer (color correcting)
MAC Studio Fix NC35
MAC Fix Rose+
MAC Salsaroose Blush

Jesses Girl in Teal (applied wet on lid)
JEsses Girl in Blue
Loreal HIP Blue Color Duo (the darker color on right)

MAC lip erase in DIM
No Brand name Lipgloss in a light Pink color

Monday, October 5, 2009

"Im back and BEYOND betch" (Cop this Look)

FINALLY!!I got my laptop back today but I still cant burn any cd's *BOOO* whatever. So here is the look of the day, I did like a month ago but like I said my computer has been sick. One of the girls I work with gave me a ton of her makeup that she never uses, and im like WOWZA, I'll take it....ain't nothing wrong with some 2nd hand make up lol. Anyway I have seen these "look" pallettes but I never bought them because I like to do my own thing, but I figured it would be cool to use it and see what the almighty "ALMAY" makeup company considered a smokey beyond look. I wasn't wowed by the look *ehh* it was blah, but it was a different look that wasnt what I am used to...a little..NO ALOT more subtle :) here it is....