Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Too late for Prom?WHO CARES!!

So my darlings here is a makeup jizzob *lol* I did on my cuzzo Tefi for prom...YES prom, I know its like 2 months too late, but I really loved how she looked! She was rockin this suber bad *as in good* purple/blue dress with some type of bib on it, I mean I cant even describe it becuase it wont do the dress justice, the color was so beautiful and she looked amazing! When she asked me to do her makeup I was very excited, but when she told me she wanted to rock brown makeup with purple....I was like WHAT!!! lol...I couldn't picture how that would come out, but I must say it turned out AMAYZINGGGG * yes I spell it wrong on purpose* Anywho here is the look yall1

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