Tuesday, August 25, 2009

My Lipgloss its POPPIN

I went on a lil shopping sprea *gasp* I know, and while I was shopping at these lilttle asian stores I found a huge display of nail polish and lipglosses....So yes I had to look and yes I had to buy :) I wouldnt feel right if I didnt *lol* I am always looking for new colors to try and at $1.99 these glosses are a steal...Their made by NYX, so its a well known brand but a cheaper brand as well....Here they are my lovelies for your viewing pleasure

The above colors are NYX lipgloss in Sorbet, Brown Tropez, Pink, and Strawberry (names are given in the order they appear)

Here are the swatches...LOVE LOVE LOVE

Here are some other NYX lipglosses that I bought from a different line of their's.called Goddess of the night...
I am absolutely in love with Sungold..its a shimmery pink with gold undertones...AGH its wonderful!!! I actually bought 2 of them since I loved it so much


*highly pigmented

*CHEAP (were in a recessin damnit)

*easy to find (any little asian stores, drug stores, walmart,online)

*Diverse collection of colors

*easy to use

*long lasting


*they have a weird smell (some of them do,not too much of a nasty smell but just weird smell)

*one of the lipglosses stopper had broke and now I have a huge globs of product that comes out when I use it.

*certain colors come on water like(not sticky or lipgloss like)

All in all I think that for a cheapy product this is well worth your money :)

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