Friday, August 21, 2009


Catchy title huh (get yo mind out the gutta lol) Ok so I dont know about yall but Ihave tons of makeup, and even if I wanted to wear every eyeshadow I own, It is impossible for me to run out, but as well all know it gets pricey,,,especially MAC...So I what I recently have been doing this year is order samples of pigments * SAY WHAAAAAT* Yeah you read that right :) I mean Im all for buying pigments that I am in love with but what about if you find a color, that you like but you know you really wont use much...but its a color that YOU MUST HAVE!!! well here it is your answer. I order my 100% AUTHENTIC MAC pigments from I love ordering from them for the following reasons...

1.Fast delivery (Im a makeup junkie I need my fix and I need it FAST) 2.They package the samples in a very safe styrofoam type of situation and place it in a bubble folder (yay for no broken pigments3.They come in these really cute, easy storage containers (unlike those sandwich bags that certain companies places their pigments in4.You get enough product for about 10-15 uses (depending on how you like yo shadow) 5.Its CHEAP!! Only $1.79 per sample...(and every month they have a deal going on...I got a MAC white pigment sample for a PENNY!!!!)
6.I only paid $21.28 with shipping (for 9 pigments!! thats the cost of 1 pigment at MAC)
Random back to the story. So I ordered 9 pigments, these are the colors...and here my lovelies are the swatches!!
***SALIVATING YET?**** I know right! so guess what else makes them FABULOUS!..They already have Pigments for the just launched MAC's Makeup Art Cosmetics Collection....I been eyeing that yummy Full Force Violet pigment!!! *im a sucka for purples*
Here is a picture of my future girlfriend..Her name FULL FORCE VIOLET!!


  1. OMG!!!! loves it! that site is exactly what i need because i HARDLY wear eyeshadow but i Love wearing it too lol and i'll be damned it i pay over £10 for shadow!
    I really hope they ship to the UK..

  2. wow thanks for this because there are colors i want to try/wear but they're not everyday type colors and this works great because i hate to buy a color i'm only going to wear every once in awhile!!!