Sunday, August 30, 2009

In A PINK FUNK (Cop this Look)

So before we start lets get this out there..what do yall think of my new HURR...I absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE IT!!. I was inspired by this plaid shirt I had and also some unused eyeshadows..So I figured I would give it a go :0 The look came out Amazing it was a smokey black with hints of blue shimmer in it...AMAZING! I hope you enjoy it! Also if you didnt know I have a twitter its and Im taking requests or any speciafic things that you might want to be reviews or swatched..If I have it I will. and if it catches my attention Ill go buy it lol :) One of my gurlies wanted me to review the Vibrating mascara..I havent had the chance to use it but Im gonna work on it :) anyway enjoy the look ladees (and fabulously gay boys)

MUF HD Foundation
MAC's prep and prime translucent powder
MAC's Rose Fix+
MAC'Select Cover up concelaer in NC35
Revlon Brow Fantasy in Brunnette
Revlon Colorstay Brown Enhancer
Model in a Bottle Finishing Spray
MAC Mineralized Blush in Daft Pink

UD Primer Potion
MAC's Naked Lunch ES
MAC's Carbon ES
Jesses Girl Pigment
NYX ES pencil in Black

MAC Lip Erase in DIM
MAC Hello Kitty lipstick in Cute Ster
MAC Dazzleglass Like Venus

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  1. oh i absolutely love the look and the hair is fab big hair is always a plus and curls are the epitome of girly!!! aww very pretty!!!