Tuesday, August 11, 2009

88 cent make up SAY WHAAAATTTTTT!!! (Wet Seal Haul)

Sorry Ladees and gents(fabulously gay boys!lol) it took so long to post this haul but I was Sick :(, I guess all that excitement that I had shopping put a toll on your girl! But here it is as promised my Wet Seal haul!!! I originally just went there to see some accesories because I had bought some not too long ago for 1 DOLLA!! so I figured I would look again...and well I could not believe my eyes when I saw that $1 sign next to all that makeup!! I basically got one of everything and some extras of things that I would use alot. I also got 4 scarves and 2 earrings! Here is a picture of all my goodies.I got 4 scarves, 2 hair pieces, 3 eyelashes, 2nail polishes, 3 lipgloss tubes, 2 shimmer powder, 4 pigments, 2 duo mineralize shadows, 1 shadow, 1 blue eyeliner, 1 blue mascara, 2 earrings, 5 nail decal stickers, 1 nail glam set.....Phew that was a mouth ful! So now onto FUN shall we?

This is a close up of my FIERCE scarves arent they FRESH! I was excied when I saw them and the price said $8.50, but they also had a promo that you buy one thing and get the other for .01 one penny!!! are you kidding me, so you best believe I got me another one. But wait theres more, once the girl was ringing me up she told me the scarf was only $2.99!!! so thats when I went back and got me 2 more! How FAB is that! And you also get to see my cute lil Earrings I got! there so beautiful *sigh*
Here is how most of MY SWAG looks like open....
Now onto the good stuff.... Here is the blue Eyeliner, I really like it, I wasd amazed on just highly pigmented it was and how smooth and easy it went on! Now the pigments...... Im going to start my rant on the packaging, its not the best!. I thought it would be packaged somewhat like MAC pigments..but once I opened the top I found this!! And this shitty shitty brush!! YUCK!! I cant see my self using this brush EVER!! so I think what I will do is some how take the stopper out in which the brush fits ( I hope that makes sense) Other then the shitty packaging the colors were preety! The only thing that Idid not care for was that the colors were light/soft and very shimerry. Dont get me wrong the pigment are highly pigmented but highly frosted as well. and Im more of a hard core chick ya digg ;) Here are the swatches of all 4 pigments I bought (and I did use URBAN DECAY PRIMER POTION)
Now its my bootleg mineralized shadow lol..here they are
And here my lovely are the swatches (the colors are shown in the order that you see them above) All pigments and shadows dont have a name. But I mean obviosuly if you want the purple pigment you would buy the purple color and not the green, I mean I would hope that yall had common sense and since your reading this then you do! I mean you read what I write so you gutys must be smarties :)
And now we go onto the powder brushes (shimmer/frost) Here is the packaging...(honestly who ever invented the packaging for this and the pigmnts is an idiot!)
For some reason they thought that having some tye of plastic barrier around the brush would be "convenient and smart"..newsbreak its NOT!!Here are the 2 colors I am swatching (with UDPP) one of them is a beige shimmer trasnlucent tyoe powder with a hint of glitter, while the other one (right side) is a white frost powder...
And here you have the blue mascara! thats is all my makeup digz! All in all Wet Seal's URBAN VIBE makeup is worth it! Originally all these goodies were retailing from $4 to $10 dollars and I got them for .99!! and you might be asking yourself but why doesyour post say $.88 cents......Not only did I get all this makeup for a steal but they also had another promotion running...IF YOU SPEND OVER $25 DOLLARS THEN YOU GET $5 OFF!!!!! How amazing is that!!! I only spent $ 39.25!!!!

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