Sunday, July 5, 2009

It's a LOOK in a box

So MAC (only in Nordstrom NOT available at MAC stores) has come up with a little special sumtin sumtin *EEEEK* I am so excited about it! I dont think they have ever had anything as awesome as this before(unless I have amnesia, I dont remeber them having a look in the box EVER!) If your one of those people who love a certain look and find it impossible to buy each product a certain person used or where to get it blah blah blah...then this my dear is for you!!! Mac has started a "look in the box" with 3 particular looks, from sexy sultry to flirty fun. Anyway the products just launched and they cost only $59.50!!! Can you believe that AND a kabuki brush is included in each "look"..basically everything together if bought seperately sums up to over 100 buckaroos!! and mind you we are in a recession so every lil bit counts!....I got my eyes on 2 of these boxes and will making these looks ASAP Oh yeah and in case you dont know make up talk, make up artist usually use alot of abbreviations for products or makers of product example...Make up Forever (this is a brand sold at Sephora) is usually reffered to as ES is eye shadow, SE is special edition and so on and so on...:) hehehe
Sun Siren (as seen above) includes a Bronze bronzing powder, Shroom ES, Amber lights ES, Get Rich Quick Dazzleglass, Buffer brush 181 SE and a mini Zoom lash mascara...Loving the lips on this one.its perfect for the summer dont you think?

"Seductress" (as seen above) this box includes Belightful Irridecent Powder/Pressed, Knight Divine ES, Naked Lunch ES, Bare Slim Shine lipstick, 181 SE Bufer brush and a mini Zoom lash mascara. This is a very sultry smokey look, I would probably use it for a night event or if you want to "seduce yo man" lol...Its a very sexy, matte look (so if your a shimmer or glitter kind of girl, this might not be your thing) but like I say make up is art, and you should play with different colors, you never know what you can pull off unless you try.

"Sweet Tease"(as seen above)this look includes Shell Pearl Beauty Powder, Mulch ES, Gleam ES, Love Nectar Lustreglass, mini Zoom lash mascara and a 181 SE Buffer brush. This look is definitly a sexy, come get me type of look. You do a light lid with a dark cut crease on the lid creating that extra UMPHF, plus love nectar is such an awesome lipglass a must have for any girl who love slightly peachy, nude lip color.
I think that if your a beginner these sets are GREAT! because it brings the basics all together and takes the guessing of trying to put a look together by yourself, or even guessing what goes with what. Also your getting a great product for an unbelievable price and each of the "look boxes" have at least one MUST HAVE for any girl. Anyway I hope you hunnays find this as awesome as me and it just went on sale so go get em before they go bye bye...


  1. omg thanks for posting this. this is why i love nordstrom lol. im gonna tell my bf to buy me one of these hehe...

    oh by the way thanks for following and commenting. im glad u liked my dress. i only got it for 5 bucks at Downtown Los Angeles at the Fashion District. its crazy!

  2. Ohhh Love this!! The recession has def hit me hard, they may be my perfect mac fix! Can't wait to get my hands on it! Thanks for posting!
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