Saturday, July 25, 2009

Its always greener on the other side (or floor)

So I have been asking *ahem more like begging* for me to be able to do a makeover on my amiga Sarah "Guera" and well I FINALLY gotz to do it! I was so excited because this girl can pull off not wearing any makeup *lucky right?* I have never seen her with anything but some mascara and maybe some powder, oh and I cant forget about her "lipstick" that she was so proud to show to me lol..It basically looked like a black slimshine lipstick but when it was applied it was clear!! lol. Anyway I already knew this was going to be so much fun..Here is a picture of her before we started my experiment *buahhhhhh (evil laugh)I first started applying some primer, followed buy MAC Rose Fix+ which by the way was so hard to even do since the whole time we are cracking up because she was so amazed on how much "shit* goes on your face before you can even begin to put some powder/foundation. We did 2 looks, I did a light smokey eye but I really didnt like it because I felt like the whole look would look so much better without the top liner you know. She has gorgeous green eyes and I felt like it not only took away from the make up itself but from the color of her eyes..anyway here is our first attempt... Somewhere in between laughin and talkin and a lousy chair, she ended up flipping over and falling onto the floor!! LITERALLY, luckily the only thing that received minor damage was my hot pink caboodle and a slice of pineapple/ham pizza from Papa Johns *thank god* It could have been worse,...I mean we had cheesesticks for gods sakes!!! Anyway after our minor accident we decided to move on and to the look that Sara wanted from the get which was "greens"(Thiago inspired of course!) Anyway I absolutely LOVED LOVED LOVED how this whole look came out!!! she looked super dope, I mean green eyes and green shadow is a must!!! Take a look how bomski my girl looked... All In all I had so much fun doing this and she looked so gorgeous!! Im sure her Hubby was wishin she was at home right about now! :) MISSION ACCOMPLISHED

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