Monday, July 6, 2009

If you LOVE Urban Decays Primer Potion then....

You will love there new addition to the family! Its the Complexion Primer Potion-Pore Perfecting. This is a foundation primer (which means you put it on after moisturizing but Before applying your foundation) This enables you to have an all day fresh make up look through out the day! Your face basically looks like it was airbrushed.
I have yet to use this Primer because it is not at stores yet (but you can purchase it at BUUUUUT I will be buying it because I LOVE LOVE LOVE the Urban decay Primer Potion (this one is used on your eye lid to grab that eyeshadow color, this is a MUST for any girl) So if the Primer for the face is anything like the lid potion, then I cant wait to use it!! It retails for $30.00 for 1oz. But remember you dont put on alot of it, just a dime size on to all your face. I know some of you (those Non Primer Believers) are thinking "Hellz NO, I aint paying 30 damn dollars for some lotion that is not going to do anything!!!" But let me tell you that I was one of those people not too long ago. I hate to admit but its true, I would only use the Neutragena Face Lotion for combination skin followed by my MAC studio fix, no primer no Fix+ spray. And out of the blue I decided ehh why not, So I bought the Mac Prep and Prime and didn not notice a difference until maybe like a week, my skin was smooth, the makeup applies with each and didnt look dusty (you know over load on the powder) it looked fresh and glowy, anyway I fell in love with Primers right then and there! And I know use it EVERYDAY, because it makes a world of a difference TRSUT ME.....anyway If anyone of you have already tried this or have some feed back let me know ! I would love to hear what it has done or failed to do to any of you!


  1. Urban Decay makes some great makeup indeed! Thanks for the tip chica :-)

  2. I think this stuff is gonna be great!

  3. Thanks for sharing this hun, defo gonna check it out.
    & great blog, I love it!