Wednesday, July 1, 2009

I had a virus *AGH*

AGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH, so its been a hella long time since I been up in this blog world, but my lame-O laptop decides to download a virus and not just any virus a TROJAN (lol Angie!)

which besides that it had a worm too!!! sheesh my laptop is such a whore HAHAHAHA, getting all kinds of time it better use protection! So I decided to take it to staples and get it fixed and cleared and I did!! Now I have an antivirus! yay. And to top it all off I got it for FREE!!! I had just taken it to Staples not even 2 months ago and paid them to fix my computer and also install an antivirus (NORTON) which basically did NOTHING and hence the problem I just had! GRRRRRR, anyway I go to Staples and the guy is telling me how Norton is the worse and doesnt protect you from anything!! UGH dont you hate it when just cuz your a girl a guy can sell you anything and your a dumbass and buy it! It applies to EVERYTHING in the guy oil change becomes a new transmission, a broken pipe becomes a new kitchen BLAH BLAH, I swear I need to start reading up on these things so I dont get punked in the future.....all in all I am happy that they not only fixed my computer but they refunded my money $100 for the NOrton and gave me a better brand WEBROOT ( which has already protected me from 2 worms!!!) I am a happy camper!!!

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  1. Well, well, well.... So here you are blogging away when you should be answering 911 calls and watching your status board... Just kidding! Ha, Ha! YOu are actually super fabulous for doing ALL of that AND posting most informative and highly entertaining information. You are a talent in a bottle girl! Luv ya!

    ps.. Are you accepting applications for make up models?? LOL