Thursday, July 16, 2009


So this past weekend I went out for a night of the town with my best girlies, I was so excited to use this new top and head band that I had bought! So please believe I was thinkin of what would compliment that. Being that the outfit was grey, I didnt want to overdo with the "grey,silver" shadow, but of course purples and green and reds wouldnt work either, so I decided on a subtle beige tone on the lid. I used MAC's "mineralize" eye shadow duo in "Love Connection" and on the outer crease I used a MAC's carbon (which is standard for any girl!)and I topped it off with some fake lashes dahling ;) I used Ardells number 145. Anyway Here was the look that I did and I go a bunch of compliments on it so I figured I would show ya :)


  1. you look absolutely beautiful and the headband is just too cute.