Friday, July 31, 2009

Get Yo Nails DID

I hate fake nails, I cant do ANYTHING with em' I hate how I cant type with these massive claws or how food gets stuck in behind them YUCK!! I have always done bright bold colors on my nails, used stickers on em ect...but...So how super dope is is finding new and creative ways to get yo nails done hunnay! I was BUGGIN when I found out the wonder that is KONAD, I been having it for a minute but I never had the chance to post it, so guess what!! Im doing that now *chowwww* I really love all the designs that this bad boy can do, then only thing that sucks is that sometimes (for certain colors) you have to buy their "SPECIAL" polish. oTHer then that this is AMAYYYYZING.

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