Sunday, June 7, 2009

Purps and Browniez if anyone of you ho's have the priveledge of knowing me *I kid I kid* then you know that I love playing with color on mah face. but I have to admit that my all time favorite colors to do looks with are purples and browns. LOVE LOVE LOVEEEEEE. When it comes to purples though I think you have to put more thought into the fitted, you cant do a purple eye look and rock a yellow top ...naw what I meannnnn. When I do a purple look I usually go for other type of light purples or bright purples on the fit *cool slang for out fit lol* I dont really care what the magazines or others have to say when it comes to "what's in" or "the latest trend" ...I march to the beat of my own drum...or bass,,whatever makes noise basically *ha* I tend to wear whatever make me feel the dopest, so in no way do I claim to be a fashionista or feel that I know EVERYTHING *hi haters* take it for what it is ...FUN *duh* But the purple look can definitly *POP* and be eye catching.

and nooooow onto the browniez *UGH* I always get compliments when I do any look with the brown colors, I usually use shimmers and darkend with matte shadows but the overall look alays seems to look well....AWESOME. I dont mean to toot my own horn but TOOT TOOT I love browns. You dont even have to put much thought into an outfit when your dealing with brownz, its a generic, "anything goes" kind of color you know. I mean I wore a bright teel zebra print hoody with my brown shadow *given I was wearing that shadow early in the day and changed and didnt feel like changing up the make up to go along with the new outfit you know*...I mean I had been wearing a cute little brown plaid jacket earlier that day with some brown shadow combo *deadly* and decided to change that night when me and my mejor amiga angie, along with my daughter and 3 other moms and their kids went to go see UP on opening night...which by the way is such a AWESOME movie! At first I was freaked out by the old cee-nile man hanging out with a little boy...and the characters werent cute, but when you have a kid you make sacrifices lol....anyway I could not beleive just what an awesome movie it was, I cried 3 different times during the movie, it was so well written and the story line behind why these 2 unlikely pairs team up is so sweet and inspiring. *I can relate to the little boys story in the movie *sigh*
Anywho back to my fitted lol. So after a long day of wearing the same outfit I decided to change that night but didnt have time to change the makeup, anyway I was amazed that the color combination of the shadow and the bright hood wasnt so bad. It looked kinda FRESH lolanyway point of the story is.....browns go with ANYTHING even a bright blue zebra print hoody lol