Sunday, June 7, 2009

Popped my Blog Cherry

Wamp Wamp hunnays, so Im feeling hella inspired right now and decided to start a blog/journal/makeup review and all things fabulous. This is my first entry if you will, so bare with yall*country accent*. I hope you guys enjoy reading this and if not well then click that little X box on the top right hand corner of your computer EHHHHH. lol Just kidding but not really. Anywho I will be posting entries on tons of different topics from makeup *agh* to funny stories, to random things I find or celebrity newzzzz *yay for star smut* So many people always tell me (ahem MOM) that I should write a book or something but instead I decided a blog *aim high lol* well see how it goes I guess I might just get inspired and have one of those books that start a trend *sigh TWILIGHT* but I dont think I'm that creative. I think that just writing stories on my daughters "sayings" could a be a novel in itself lol REAL REAL TRUE. So yes I do have a daughter Im proud to say, she is 5 years old and I swear acts like she's 18 at times, her current words of wisdom are "thats REAL REAL true" and "ok for tomorrow" and those 2 basically apply to anything in her life HA! I will try to post pictures up to but Im not to fond of parading my kid on a website, unless its on my myspace, thats fair game lol. Plus I only have people I actually know on there and my page is private, so dont bother :) just info only my daughter is gorgeous and I'm not hiding her because she looks like a troll or the hunchback of Notre Dame *I promise*

So here goes nothing........

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