Monday, June 8, 2009

Geek/nerd Glasses in one, Hellz ya

ok so outside of lookin dope I do have to wear contacts or glasses at all time*except when I sleep* because I am blind as a bat *boooo* But I always wear glasses even when I have my contacts on for a "look" lol I know right the dumbest thing ever, but I find myself having a HUGE collection of glasses and sunglasses that I get at the alleys, or swap meets, or any place I find to spend my hard earned mula *Ha, recession???* anyway I am obsessed with with these particular glasses, I think there so dope ! Sooooo this particular night that I wore them me and Angie were going to a club*YES* and some people might think why in the hell would you wear glasses to a club, well to answer your question its because I CAN and I dont care what people say anyway "ahhh the joys of not giving a fuck" so were waiting in line to get in and the security starts checking me out, looking at me up and down and then saying "Damn you a superstar huh" to which I said "ummm no??" I then looked at Angie and smiled. I was originally thinking that me wearing glasses would be a turn off to boys, but guess what.....IT WASNT!!! so weird..*scratching head* I mean I got hit on alot that night *no one worth talking about* and girls hating of course* I had no idea that one little accesory could make a difference that big. ehhhh.
Anyway half way through the night I ended taking them up because it was hot as hell inside that club and my glasses were getting foggy lol. random story I know but I wanted to show off my glasses to yall cuz I was so happy bout em.

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  1. where did you get those glasses? could u email me the answer...not a crazy person promise!lol ive been looking everywhere for the perfect pair and cant find them where i stay... thanks so much